Ways to help beat crime.

Crime stoppers

As you are all no doubt aware police are very thin on the ground at the moment and their job is getting more difficult. With our help their task could be a lot easier, it involve no risk to ourselves, no skills are required but the final results could could improve the polices chances of controlling crime in our area. If crimes are not reported to the police they are not aware of the offence being committed are therefore do not get a full picture of what is happening in the area. This of course mean that getting additional funding to cover the cost of putting extra police on the streets in problems areas becomes more difficult.

Reporting a crime can be done anonymously without risk. If you are just reporting something suspicious taking place you do not need to worry about look foolish if it turns out to be something innocent, the police will be that decision not you. So if you see anything that makes you think  “that’s not quite right”,

Ring 101

Or if you see or hear a crime taking place DO NOT GET INVOLVED AND PUT YOURSELF AT RISK.

Ring 999

After a crime your rights.

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